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"If there is such a thing as raw elegance, Bazell taps its essence."

Philadelphia Inquirer


“one of Philadelphia's leading dancer/choreographers..."

Philadelphia City Paper


"...a wonderful collision of rapture, capture, and trap -- hot themes explored in a postmodern style.”

Dance Magazine

Myra Bazell's work is explosively physical dance theater that engages the heart, and launches the spirit. Urban aggressive influences and post modern sensibilities collide in Bazell's work creating a strikingly forceful elegance. While pressing significant issues into abstract imagery, Bazell maintains a sensual playfulness that has attracted diverse audiences.

Myra Bazell is Co-Director of the SCRAP Performance Group, an experimental dance theater company dedicated to the creation of original works along with her life partner Madison Cario.  Fifteen years of choreographing her own work, directing theater and free lancing for major opera companies, film, and musical theater, has taken Myra throughout East and West Europe, South America, the Middle East and Russia. Bazell draws from a diverse and extensive background in Release technique, Contact Improvisation, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Flamenco and street dance of an Afro-Latino base.  She received her BFA in dance from the University of the Arts where she taught Movement Theater for twelve years.  She has taught at Temple University and currently teaches at Bryn Mawr College, Susan Hess Studio, Drexel University the CEC  and Georgian Court University.

Ms.Bazell has created, performed and collaborated on original music scores for many of her works.  She has received awards and commissions from the PA Council on the Arts 1994,97,99. Dance Advance 1995 thru 2001, the International Woman's Theatre Festival of Russia 1994, Berlin Senate 1996, The Puffin Foundation 2005, The Leeway Foundation 2001,03, the Independence Foundation 2004 and 2009 and Dance Celebration, Annenberg, Philadelphia 2006.. She received her MSW from Bryn Mawr College in 2004.

Artist Statement
I am listening to the highway in the distance, images, conversations and snapshots of everyday life stream through my consciousness categorizing themselves for sense making later.  The obese woman who couldn’t fit through the turn style, the morning light pouring onto the studio floor, the well groomed middle aged man panicking at the bank....

Creating original theater is capturing the waking dream and giving it back to people through the lens of my own intentions.  Stories, movement, light, sound and space are the elements that we all know, common pathways to access the heart, the pallet of human sensibility.

Theater can tug at the deep fears of loss and abandonment, the desire for acceptance and absolution and the intense joys of justice and birth. Through the manipulation of what is familiar into a new and heightened reality I contract with the audience to provide a portal into new ways of seeing and feeling the world around and inside themselves.